About Us

The company "Kalakuri" offers Georgian and foreign products. "Urban" Ltd has been operating in the consumer market for 12 years. Produces and sells local and imported natural products through a distribution ring.
We offer Georgian hazelnuts (roasted, unroasted), almonds, pistachios, sunflowers, dried fruits of different types, both locally and from the Middle East. We also have delicious nuggets - assorted nuts and dried fruits, nuts with raisins, dried nuts, ground nuts with sesame seeds, honey and salt.
All products are supplied to customers by weight as well as packaged - in packages of 150, 100, 80 and 50 g.
We also offer groceries in the form of cereals, popcorn, burbushela, canned products (mushrooms, corn).
Retail and wholesale trade is possible.

შპს ქალაქური

მის: 0178, ავშნის ქუჩა 88, თბილისი, საქართველო

ს/კ: 400079669